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Nordic Culture Point project in Lithuania

Development of storytelling art and method model for Lithuanian libraries

The project aim is to develope a storytelling model and method application for Lithuanian libraries with the help of Swedish and Norwegian partners, testing and mastering it as an educational service for users of all ages and social groups; organizing reflection events on good practice in the partner countries. The projects final congress will be held in 2021.

From Nordic Storytelling Centre Rose-Marie Lindfors will contribute to the project as an educator and by leading workshops.

In Nordic countries, storytelling art and method have a long tradition and are intended to be used as a form of contemporary art and as a creative method in various cultural, educational and social contexts. In the cultural field, it is particularly relevant because of the wide range of storytelling applications that can be made by fostering traditions, implementing country reading programs, mobilizing communities and reducing social exclusion.

In Lithuania, the culture of storytelling is just taking shape. This project aims to take over the best Swedish and Norwegian practices in storytelling art and method and to adjust it in public libraries in Northeast Lithuania for work with users. By implementing the project, the libraries of Northeast Lithuania would be ready to carry out a unique educational activity, closely oriented to the cultivation and strengthening of cultural, social and emotional competences of different audiences in Lithuania.

Nordic Storytelling Centre representative:
Rose-Marie Lindfors, +46(0)70-649 44 39

Contacts in Lithuania:
Jurgita Bugailiskiene, Library Directo: jurgita.bugailiskiene@pavb.lt,
tel. no +370 45465551

Laima Butkuniene, Library Project Coordinator: laima.butkuniene@pavb.lt,
tel. no +370 501649

Virginija Svediene, Senior Librarian: virginija.svediene@pavb.lt,
tel.no +370 61066760

Nordic ALBA Norway representative:
Ivanir Sibylla Hasson

 +47 40 41 02 82

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