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With our Theater Subscriptions at Västerbottensteatern in Skellefteå, it will be easier and more affordable to go to the theater. The subscriptions in autumn 2024 include four performances, two own productions and two guest performances.

Note! The number of subscriptions is limited and BOOK HERE


Four performances at Scene 2, Sara Kulturhus in Skellefteå
"When our master made Bygdsiljum and all the rest", "When we were Sami", "The documentary" and "Storm's excavation"

- Theater visits that you know will happen
- Best price on tickets

- Exclusive ticket offer for selected performances of Sara Kulturhus

- Same seat in the salon
- Our digital newsletter

The premiere subscription also includes:

- Rewatch a performance subject to availability
- A glass of non-alcoholic bubbly before the performance

When we were Sami - Tue Oct 15 19.00
The documentary - Tue 22 Oct 19.00
The excavation of the storm - Tue 12 Nov 19.00
When our Lord made Bygdsiljum and all the rest - Tue 26 Nov 19.00

Price: 920 kr (regular price 1320 kr - 30% discount)
Youth/Students: 490 kr
(regular price 700 kr - 30% discount)


When our Lord made Bygdsiljum and all the rest - wed 18 sep 19.00
When we were Sami - Sat 12 Oct 19.00
The documentary - Tue 22 Oct 19.00
The excavation of the storm - Tue 12 Nov 19.00

Price: 1120 SEK (regular price 1320 SEK excl. bubbly and extra performance)
Youth/Students: 580 SEK
(regular price 700 SEK excl. bubbly and extra performance)

Come and walk the red carpet with us! In addition to theater tickets, our exclusive Premiere subscription includes non-alcoholic bubbly before the performances and the opportunity to see one of the performances free of charge subject to availability.


Here we have collected both common and more unusual questions about our theater subscription.
If you have more questions, you are welcome to contact the Tourist Center or the theater via info@vasterbottensteatern.se.

What is a theater subscription?
A theater subscription means that you buy tickets for several performances at once and pay a discounted price.

How much does a theater subscription cost?
The subscription price varies depending on the performances included in the subscription and is presented in connection with each subscription.

How do I buy a subscription?
The subscription for the fall of 2024 is available from April 17 at 10:00 and is available in limited numbers. You buy your tickets via vasterbottensteatern.se, tickster.com or at Skellefteå Tourist Center.

Do I get one or more tickets?
You get one ticket/performance. The ticket is either digital in your mobile or printed on paper depending on where you have purchased the subscription. In the unlikely event that you lose your ticket, you can contact info@vasterbottensteatern.se or Skellefteå Tourist Center and we will help you.

What happens if I can't go to a concert?
Subscription tickets are not personal. So if for any reason you are unable to attend a performance, you can always pass the ticket on to a friend.

Can a friend and I share a subscription?
That's fine. The tickets are not personal. However, the the cost is a one-off cost that we cannot split between several parties.

Which seat do I get?
You will be placed in the best possible seat in the lounge.

Is there anything else included?
Absolutely! As a subscriber, you can participate in various raffles and offers from other shows.

How do I take advantage of these offers?
We always send offers and information to your email address.

How long am I a subscriber?
You are a subscriber for the current season you bought tickets for. At the end of the season, you will be offered a new subscription for the next season with new performances.

Can I choose which performances I want to attend?
The subscription only includes pre-selected performances and dates.

What happens if a performance is canceled?
If a performance is canceled, you will be notified of this via the email address or phone number you provided when booking. Contact us or Skellefteå Tourist Center within one month of the canceled performance, and you will be allowed to change to another date (if possible), or get a refund for the ticket cost.

See the show one more time

As a premiere subscriber, you have the opportunity to see one of the performances a second time, subject to availability. These tickets are booked through us.

More information

Once you have booked your subscription, more information will be sent to you by email.


    Buy a ticket

    Buy a ticket
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