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VBT Play

In the spring of 2020, we reorganized and moved our activities to the digital arena during the corona pandemic. A number of performances were shown here until March 31, 2021, when the temporary performing arts agreement on streamed theater expired. However, we continue to post other digital inventions. Material is uploaded continuously. More videos are available on our Youtube channel!



Se den rosade sommarteatern som spelades under pandemiåren 2020/2021.

Romeo & Juliet Act 1

The film is divided into Acts 1 and 2 and will be shown for a limited time in spring 2023.

Romeo & Juliet Act 1

Romeo & Juliet Act 2

The film is divided into Acts 1 and 2 and will be shown for a limited time in spring 2023.

Romeo & Juliet act 2

Making theater in a pandemic

Our actors' experiences over the past year.

Watch the interview video here!

Sommarteater 2020 & 2021

Romeo & Juliet trailer

See the grand summer theater at Medleforsparken in summer 2021

Watch the movie here!
Clowns in quarantine

Clowns in Quarantine

The show Three Sisters was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The theater closed and the clowns were quarantined...

See "Clowns in quarantine"

Tre starka kvinnors historier.

Reading from "Liberty, Equality and Non-Faith"

Sonja Lindblom, Gunnar Eklund and Mattias Kågström read and perform excerpts from Västerbottensteatern's newly written performance "Freedom, Equality and Bare Faith" which will premiere later this year. On this specific occasion, newly written stories about three strong women who made a difference in history are highlighted.

See the reading on Facebook!

Vårens utbud av teater

Theater spring 2021

Theater spring 2021

Vad tycker innevånarna?

People in town about Sara Cultural Center

Watch the movie

Det svänger när

"Ooga chaka" goes Fortnite

A swinging glimpse of the show "Three Sisters". You can watch the whole show above.

For "Ooga chaka"
Movie with Sonja Lindblom

Sonja's Make-up School

Make-up tutorial with Sonja Lindblom at Västerbottensteatern. Here she shows how to put on makeup for the elderly. Hold on to your hats.

Sonja's Make-up School
movie about the colt

UngHästen 20 years

UngHästen celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2020! Since our inception, we have worked for and with young people on topics that matter.

UngHästen 20 years
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