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Spelman på taket - fadern Tevje sträcker fram händerna med ett leende. han står bland tvätt på tork i sommarkvällen.

Fiddler on the Roof

Summer theater in Medleforsparken 2024 and 2025! Praised by press and audiences, a musical and a family drama that touches!

In the summer of 2024, Västerbottensteatern is staging the classic "Fiddler on the Roof" in Medleforsparken. The musical dates from 1964 and has been staged over and over again around the world, but it has now been given an extra contemporary relevance with the war in Ukraine when the Jewish village in the play is terrorized by Russians, who in the end force them out of their homes.


The musical is set in Anatevka, a fictional shtetl (Jewish village) in the Jewish settlement area of Tsarist Russia, now part of Ukraine. The main character, Tevye, struggles to preserve Jewish traditions in the face of his daughters' desire to marry men of their own choosing. This family conflict takes place against a backdrop of external unrest and persecution of Jews.

The story highlights a family and their traditions, beliefs and culture, and depicts the persecution they face because of their ethnicity. It highlights a lesser-known part of Jewish history, the Russian pogroms from the late 19th to the early 20th century that led many Jews to emigrate to America.

- This is a story about the breakdown of patriarchy, the revolt of daughters, and a family torn apart and forced to flee. While it portrays Tevje and his family with a lot of humor and warmth, it also shows injustice, power and lack of humanism in a politically troubled time, says director Ronny Danielsson.

The performance in Medleforsparken will offer wonderful familiar music, laughter and tears. It is a timely story that, although set over 100 years ago, is just as much about the world today with increased anti-Semitism and war and persecution in countries around us.

This year's ensemble will consist of a total of 24 acting, singing and dancing people, 14 of whom are amateurs - both children and adults.


Find your way to Medleforsparken



Screenplay: Joseph Stein
Music: Jerry Bock
Lyrics: Sheldon Harnick
Based on Sholem Aleichem stories. With special permission from Arnold Perl. Produced at The New York Stage by
Harold Prince. The original New York production was directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins.
Presented in collaboration with the publisher Music Theatre International.
Translation: Gösta Bernhard
Swedish translation of "Now I have everything" - Jan Mark
Swedish translation of "Do you love me" - Ulricha Johnsson
Director: Ronny Danielsson
Dramaturge: Tora von Platen
Set designer: Caroline Romare
Costume design: Annsofi Östbergh Nyberg
Mask design: Helena Andersson
Stage movement/choreography: Roger Lybeck
Assistant director: Lillemor Skogheden
Vocal rehearsal: Susanne Sundqvist Bergkvist
REPEAT MUSICIAN: Mattias Kågström
Sound/ sound editing: Oskar Bergkvist
Carpenter & stage manager: Niklas Andersson
Carpenter: Jonas Åberg & Petter Ögren
Sound/ Performance technology: Cathrine Crépault Wibe & Jesper Johansson
DECORATOR: Catarina Berglind & Monica Lundmark
DIRECTOR: Nina Muhonen Marklund
Tailors: Ulrica Marklund, Terese Larsson and Helena Steisel
Manufacturing wings: Helena Steisel.
PRACTITIONERS painting and attribute making: Anton Färm, Fenix Lundström & Even Baldvinsson
Suffluent: Maria Asserud
PHOTO: Lisalove Bäckman
PRESS PHOTOS: Patrick Degerman
CEO & PUBLISHER: Challa Gustavsson

Actors: Andreas Anterot, Joel Götell, Vanja Kittelmann Flensner, Emil Grudemo El Hayek, Frida Linnell, Fransesca Quartey, Magdi Saleh, Reuben Sallmander, Malin Vispe.
Amateur actors Adult: Elvira Asserud, Florian Granqvist, Johan Hellgren, Kennet Johansson, Karin Larsson, Susanne Lohman, Astrid Löfgren, Johannah Malmin, Carola Mannelqvist, Jan Nilsson and Susanne Sundqvist Bergkvist.
Amateur actors Children: Edith Eklund, Bodil Forsgren, Bradley McMahon, Clara Sandström, Agnes Vallberg and Malte Åkerlund.

Production: Västerbottensteatern.

Fiddler on the Roof 

In the summer of 2024, Västerbotten Theatre will stage the classic ”Fiddler on the Roof” in Medlefors Park. This musical, a timeless piece from 1964, has been performed repeatedly worldwide. However, it has gained contemporary relevance due to the war in Ukraine, where the Jewish village in the play is terrorized by Russians, eventually forcing them from their homes.

Set in Anatevka, a fictional shtetl (Jewish village) in the Jewish settlement area of Tsarist Russia, now part of Ukraine, the musical revolves around the protagonist Tevye. Tevye struggles to preserve Jewish traditions against his daughters’ desires to marry men of their own choosing. This family conflict unfolds against a backdrop of external turmoil and the persecution of Jews.

The story highlights a family and its traditions, beliefs, and culture, depicting the persecution they face due to their ethnicity. It sheds light on a lesser-known part of Jewish history – the Russian pogroms from the late 1800s to the early 1900s that led many Jews to immigrate to America.

”This is a tale of the dissolution of patriarchy, daughters’ rebellion, and a family torn apart and forced into exile. While portraying Tevye and his family with humor and warmth, it also reveals injustices, abuse of power, and a lack of humanism in a politically tumultuous time,” says director Ronny Danielsson.

The performance in Medlefors Park promises familiar, delightful music, laughter, and tears. It is a relevant narrative that, despite being set over 100 years ago, speaks equally to the world today with increased antisemitism, war, and persecution in countries around us.

This year’s ensemble will consist of 24 actors, singers, and dancers, including 14 amateurs—both children and adults.

Find your way to Medlefors Park:

Here is some information that is useful to know before your visit.

The venue for our summer theater is Medleforsparken, just below Medlefors Folkhögskola.
Directions to the venue>>

Please take a look at the seating map so you know in advance where your seats are. Note which section color your seat belongs to, then it is easier to navigate on site. Seating map>>

Free parking is available at Medlefors Folkhögskola.

Avoid the queues and buy your coffee break already today! Coffee breaks are delivered by Restaurant Spisa/Medlefors and if you have not purchased in connection with the ticket purchase, you can buy it upon arrival at the venue.

If you bring your own coffee, we refer to the green areas when it is coffee time. Tables and chairs are reserved for customers who have purchased coffee from Restaurant Spisa.

We perform summer theater in all kinds of weather so please bring a blanket or a seat mat for extra warmth. If the rain is hanging in the air, a rain jacket is good to bring but umbrellas are not allowed in the auditorium.

You are allowed to bring bags to the summer theater. For everyone's best experience, we ask that bags are not too large, as space in the stands is limited.

Please take note of the show's program sheet where you can read an interview with director Ronny Danielsson.
Read the program sheet>>

Toilets are located at Medlefors Folkhögskola. Follow the signs from the bridge. Accessible toilets are located behind the grandstand, talk to one of our hosts and they will follow you.


From a review by Ingela Lekfalk

"A fiddler on the roof will be something Skellefte residents and the surrounding area talk about for a long time. Because this is so good."

"The opening number is magnificent, amateurs, professional musical artists and actors fill the stage with power."

"The portrayal of the father is done with precision by Reuben Sallmander."

"Subtle, tender and as heartfelt as one could wish for the love between two people who have lived a long life together to be. Beautiful."

"Frida Linnell, as daughter Hodel, is a real find. She sparkles, dances and sings together with Andreas Anterot."

"It is almost a perfect stage design."

"With Ronny Danielsson's direction, the story gains momentum, the humor is highlighted while the seriousness is given space."

"A warm feeling lingers and I really hope that all Skellefte residents go and buy a ticket."


From the review by Sara Meidell

"Reuben Sallmander shines in the role of Tevye in the musical Fiddler on the Roof."

"The cast delivers strong performances and the emotional story touches the audience deeply."

"The challenge of outdoor theater is to fill without overloading: the balance between volume and overacting - and here the clear driving force of the performance appears, the main role of Sallmander, who makes a feat. To be able to deliver in such a pivotal role, where so much of the development of the plot is to be concentrated, and to fill an outdoor stage without a single overacting, is nothing less than magnificent. Such heartfelt and finely honed acting contributes greatly to the fading of the political and religious tension in the basic conditions, in favor of the deeper universal and human lines. How patriarchal systems, as well as other power systems, can be given openings to be broken down in the encounter with real life: here almost schematically staged by how the milkman Tevye, in endless love for his daughters, allows his old ideas about marriage, honor and a good life, to be reconsidered. "

"The most affecting scene, however, is the one where Tevje and his wife Golde, a strong and dear reunion of former CEO Fransesca Quartey, now on stage, sink their feet into a laundry tub after a hard day and the shift of time seems to ripple through the husband who is now rebuilding all the past truths. It's searingly beautiful and anguished: his soul-searching, how did I live, how do we live, what choices did we make - do you love me?"

"Saw it tonight, it's good, incredibly professional production with really strong voices and the whole cast gives strong performances. Recommended to see this summer. The park in Medlefors is cozy and the scene fits so well for the purpose. I go to bed with a smile on my face." - Audience 11/6

"Been to the rehearsal tonight, fantastic! 👏👏💕"- Audience vote

"Fantastic performance with incredibly skilled actors 🔥🔥🔥 professional performance" - Audience vote

"So good, so magical, so thought-provoking, love it 🥰" - Audience voice

"Cheers to you all! What a show, what a Life!
What music and.... What Tevje❤️" - Audience voice

"Very good. Saw it yesterday. Good singers and good actors. Take the chance to experience it." - Audience voice

"So amazingly good! Enjoyed the show to the fullest. One of the best summer theaters I have seen!" - Audience voice

"Fantastic 🤩 book tickets and enjoy an evening 👍" - Audience vote

"Saw it yesterday and it was so good! Don't miss it 🌿"- Audience voice

Summer theater in Medleforsparken, Skellefteå 12 June-14 July 2024

Ordinary: 355kr
Young (up to 26 years)/student: 215kr
Children (up to 12 years): 125kr
Recommended from about 10 years.

Duration: 2 h 30 min

Production: Västerbottensteatern.

Find here/Find on map: https://maps.app.goo.gl/yJCQ5rpxxHAPHjKx9


  1. Medlforsparken

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Pictures from the show

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