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Here you can find information and offers for businesses.
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David Åkerlund, sales representative
+46 910 71 56 08

Our offers

Staff development with UngHästen

Theater for the workplace - A workshop? Interactive theater? Need to raise difficult or complicated issues? We tailor solutions to your company's needs!

Human resources development
Women in conversation

Staff development with the Nordic Storytelling Center

Tailor-made for the staff group. Through oral storytelling, we have the opportunity to get to know each other, strengthen the bonds in a group and work on our own life stories.

Human resources development

Become our ambassador at work

The former ombudsman role gets a new name, new benefits and new life. We hope that you, as a former 'agent', will continue your important work under the new title of Ambassador. Registration is required by all, new and old stars.

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