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Skellefteå municipality, together with Region Västerbotten, is the owner of Västerbottensteatern. The municipality also supports individual projects and activities, such as the establishment of the Nordic Storytelling Center, with special resources.

Region Västerbottens logotyp i grått utförande


Region Västerbotten, together with Skellefteå Municipality, is the owner of Västerbottensteatern. Region Västerbotten also finances special projects in addition to the basic activities.


Over the years, the Swedish Arts Council has funded a number of individual projects, such as the Storytelling Festival, and has also contributed to the establishment and continued operation of the Nordic Storytelling Center.


Boliden supports UngHästens school activities in the work with bullying, mental illness and suicide.

"The children and young people in Skellefteå Municipality are also our future, and to give them a good foundation to talk about and work with mental illness at an early stage is to protect them as much as ourselves. UngHästen runs a strong and professional business, where they link the experts' knowledge with the free expression of theater, and create space to dare to talk about what can be difficult."

Skellefteå Krafts logotyp i grått utförande


Skellefteå Kraft has sponsored Västerbottensteatern's activities for many years. The sponsorship has been and continues to be an important support for developing the theater and increasing the presence in the county so that more children, young people and adults can experience theater. Skellefteå Kraft is also the initiator and main sponsor of Berättarkraft, which is part of the Storytelling Festival run by the Nordic Storytelling Center.


LF Västerbotten supports UngHästens school activities in the work with bullying, mental illness and suicide.

" UngHästens' activities focus on the most important thing - safe children and young people. With support from Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten, UngHästen can meet more young people in the county, and together with the school health service, work preventively and discover at an early stage those children and young people who need more extensive support. UngHästen creates a safe forum where pupils can discuss important, sensitive and topical subjects using theater as an educational tool. For us at Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten, the collaboration means that we are reinvesting in a safer Västerbotten."

Skellefteås platsvarumärke i grått utförande


We are proud to be a strong contributor to the Skellefteå place brand. We help make Skellefteå a great place to live.


Norran is a partner of the Nordic Storytelling Center. Together we work to spread culture in our region, with a focus on educational work for children and young people.

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