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Facts about us

The theater today

VISION: Västerbottensteatern - Sweden's best county theater for bold performing arts that touch, enrich and challenge. For all of Västerbotten, all of Sweden and for everyone.

Västerbottensteatern is the county theater in Västerbotten based in Skellefteå but also has many visitors from Piteå and Luleå in Norrbotten. The theater produces 8-10 new productions per year and annually plays about 400-500 performances in Skellefteå, Umeå and on tour in the region. We play annually for over 30,000 people.

In recent years, the theater has increasingly profiled itself as a storytelling theater where an annual storytelling festival in Skellefteå is the highlight.

Our vision is; Västerbottensteatern - The region's pride and the city's neighborhood theater.

Every summer since 1988, Västerbottensteatern has performed summer theater in Skellefteå. These performances have been based on the commitment of locally rooted amateur actors who have complemented the theater's permanent ensemble and created opportunities to make large, generous, productions. In 2016, the performance "En Julsaga" was also included in such a collaboration.

Västerbottensteatern has a unique expertise in our youth-oriented department UngHästen, which since 2004 works with theater as an educational tool in secondary schools.

Our offer also includes the concept of theater + food with lunch theater and dinner theater in Skellefteå and lunch theater in Umeå.

In the fall of 2021, Västerbottensteatern moved into Skellefteå's new Cultural Center - Sara Kulturhus.


Västerbottensteatern is a limited company whose owners are Region Västerbotten (60%) and Skellefteå Municipality (40%). The theater has a board of directors, which consists of politically appointed representatives. Annual turnover is approximately SEK 30 million. Västerbottensteatern is a regional theater that tours with performances in and outside the county. We work with results and goal management and draw up scorecards. The theater has about 40 employees.

Theater management

Challa Gustavsson, Theater Manager/CEO
Ylva Öhlund Brännholm, Administrative Manager
Malin Lundqvist, Head of Department UngHästen
Bobo Lundén, Artistic Director Theater Department
Robert Herrala, Head of Department Nordic Storytelling Center
Kalina Wallenberg, Marketing Manager
Linda Söderberg, HR Manager
Ronny Andersson, Technical Manager

Board of the theater

The company's board of directors consists of county and municipal politicians and employee representatives.

Region Västerbotten 2023-2027

Members of the Board of Directors
Martin Hedqvist (S), Chairman
Agneta Hansson (V), Vice Chair
Annica Lennartsson (S)
Ann-Christin Falkman (C)

Ola Thunstedt (S)
Lars Anders Burman (S)
Mathilda Elfgren Schwartz (S)
Olav Eriksson (KD)
Skellefteå Municipality 2023-2027Members of the Board of Directors
Eva Lindberg (S)
Paulina Holmgren (S)
Rosalie Keller (M)Substitutes
Magnus Nyström (S)
Torbjörn Häggmark (V)
Malin Hällsten (KD)Lay auditors Region Västerbotten 2023-2027

Full member: Bert Öhlund
Alternate: Inger-Ann Omma

Employee representatives

Members of the Board of Directors
Sofia Lindblom
Maria Asserud

Niklas Larsson Lirell
Nicklas Andersson


The largest stage for major productions, congresses and events with large audiences. Accommodates 1200 seated

A large black box with 292 seats. This is where many of Västerbottensteatern's larger productions will be performed, such as Musikanternas uttåg.

A small, intimate stage with room for 50 people in the auditorium. Some storytelling performances are performed here, as well as performances for children and schools.

A black box that can hold 100 people. Smaller performances are performed here.

A bright room with large windows facing north. With a maximum of 80 people in the audience, this is a room optimal for music and lectures, for example.

Centrally located in the building under the Cultural Staircase, this is the stage for theater + food. 100 people can be seated at table service.

Annual accounts

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