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Whistleblower function

Västerbottensteatern has a whistleblower function where you can report suspicions of serious irregularities involving people in leading positions. Whistleblower cases are received and investigated by an external party.

The whistleblowing function exists to prevent serious irregularities from taking hold in Västerbottensteatern's organization. The whistleblower function is important from a democratic perspective and to strengthen confidence in Västerbottensteatern.

Through the whistleblower function, an employee or other person with a so-called work-related context can report if they suspect that a manager in a leading position, key person or elected representative within Västerbottensteatern has committed serious errors that cannot be handled within the organization. The function also includes employees within Västerbottensteatern who work for people who are dependent on them.

Scope of application

The whistleblowing function can be used in cases of serious irregularities such as bribery, fraud, theft, conflict of interest, inappropriate secondary employment, or a situation where someone is gaining private gain or advantage from their position. It may also involve favoritism of close relatives, breaches of the law or serious deviations from internal guidelines and rules in the service.

This function is not intended for general comments on leadership, work environment or business planning. In this type of case, contact should instead be made with the immediate manager, superior manager, directly to HR or union representative. Anyone who is subjected to victimization, harassment or retaliation must promptly tell their manager or someone else they trust, such as HR, trade union organization, safety representative or colleague.


Anyone who reports a whistleblower case is always anonymous to Västerbottensteatern, regardless of whether the report was made anonymously or not.

Reports to the whistleblowing function go to an external audit firm, KPMG, which makes an initial assessment. The reports that fall within the framework of the whistleblower function and concern suspicions of serious irregularities are then investigated by the external auditing firm. When the investigation is complete, the report is sent to contact persons at Västerbottensteatern for further handling.

The external investigation shall aim to:

  • Investigate further what the tip is about
  • Assess the nature and severity of the tip
  • Investigate whether the tip is reasonably founded and whether there is a need for immediate action
  • Clarify what further investigations can/should be carried out
  • Provide a basis for an assessment and recommendation on how to handle the case
  • Västerbottensteatern shall assist the audit firm with relevant material and documentation for the investigation. If it is assessed that there is suspicion of a crime, a police report must be made.

The reports sent to Västerbottensteatern are public documents that can be requested. A confidentiality check is carried out for each disclosure.

Make a notification
To make a digital declaration, use the link above or enter the following address in your browser: https://wbreport.amo.kpmg.se/5562145184

You can also call KPMG's whistleblowing function on 0771-401668.


Contact persons at Västerbottensteatern

The employer appoints persons who are authorized to receive reports from the external audit firm. The contact persons for reporting back at Västerbottenteatern are the CEO or the Chairman of the Board.


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