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Västerbottensteatern is the county theater in Västerbotten based in Skellefteå. The theater produces 8-10 new productions per year and annually plays about 400-500 performances in Skellefteå, Umeå and on tour in the region. The theater cherishes and builds on Västerbotten's rich and vibrant tradition of storytelling and in 2018, the Nordic Storytelling Center became part of our activities. Västerbottensteatern also has a unique expertise in our department UngHästen , which works with theater as an educational tool in middle school, high school and high school.

Västerbottensteatern celebrated 40 years as a county theater in 2020 and is now on an exciting journey as we moved into the newly built Sara kulturhus in the middle of Skellefteå center in the autumn of 2021.

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Nordiskt samarbetsprojekt

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3 theaters - Nordic cooperation project

Här ligger våra scener.

Find us in Sara Cultural Center

Find in Sara cultural center
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