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The storytelling festivalPart of Västerbottensteatern

For organizers

This is how it works to organize programs during the 2024 Storytelling Festival.

When is the Storytelling Festival?
October 14-20, 2024

How is the Storytelling Festival organized?
The Storytelling Festival is organized from 2018 by the Nordic Storytelling Centre, a department at Västerbottensteatern that runs the storytelling center on behalf of Skellefteå municipality. The Nordic Storytelling Center also has project support from Region Västerbotten and previously the Swedish Arts Council.

The storytelling festival will continue to be carried out in collaboration with the Culture Department of Skellefteå Municipality, Skellefteå Museum and Västerbotten Museum as well as a number of local organizers.

The main task of the Storytelling Festival's own organization (Nordic Storytelling Centre, part of Västerbottensteatern) is to initiate, coordinate, market and also arrange its own programs during the festival week.

The Nordic Storytelling Centre is the organizer of part of the program, such as the opening and guest performances, lectures and workshops.

Other programs during the week consist of programs from the cultural institutions' own activities and other local organizers.

Important deadlines in the calendar:

1 April - Web opens for program registration.
Direct link and login will be sent directly to the organizers. https://vasterbottensteatern.se/berattarfestivalen is the web address for the festival.
If you need to make changes, send pictures or additional information after program registration, please email: monica.lindgren@vasterbottensteatern.se

14 May - Organizer meeting
We will return with the invitation but please note May 14 18.00-19.30 already now in your calendars. NBC will have its program ready in May to be able to present it at the meeting.

7 June - Deadline for program registration
This is the last date to register programs for the festival so that we have time to have contact about any questions before we go on vacation. If you are missing information about ticket sales, coffee etc. they can always be included on the web even when the calendar is printed. It is better that the program item is included than that all details are ready. However, do not wait until the last day to inform us about programs that are underway, it is valuable to receive information as soon as possible. If you are missing any detail, you can supplement until 11 August, but after 9 June we cannot take in information about new programs.

August 7 - Absolute deadline for supplementary material.
This fall there will be a simpler calendar instead of a newspaper. This way we can postpone the deadline for additions such as pictures, details of times, tickets, etc. After this date we can only take in information for the web. The calendar will be distributed to households at the end of August.

What support can the Nordic Storytelling Centre offer to organizers?
1. general marketing; web, social media, PR, printed matter, calendar, etc. highlighting the Storytelling Festival as a whole. In the general marketing, examples of individual program items (but not everything) from the general program will also be highlighted as far as possible. Please mark your programs with the Storytelling Festival logo to mark the affiliation and thus benefit from the general marketing.

2. the location of your program item in the general program published on berattarfestivalen.se and in the calendar printed and distributed as an appendix in Skellefteåguiden at the end of August and available in public places in Skellefteå municipality.

3. advice and help to make contacts etc. - a sounding board as it is usually said.

Can the Nordic Storytelling Center provide financial support?
No, we cannot award organizer support or other financial support. However, the Culture Committee can give grants for individual events. Read more about the Cultural Committee's grant standards: Here. See page 5 for information on this grant. Apply in good time! Current application deadlines in 2024 are: March 24, May 5 (last day to apply before summer), September 1 and October 6.
See more information below. Associations apply via the Interbook Go system https://ibgo.skelleftea.se/

What does it mean to be an organizer?
The official organizer of an event during the Storytelling Festival has the usual responsibilities of an organizer and some special conditions, i.e:

- take financial responsibility; be responsible for all costs related to the program activity (fees, room rental, program advertising, staff, etc.), but of course also take into account any income (tickets, catering, etc.).

- submit programs to the Storytelling Festival (to be included in the General Program).

- act as host for the audience and participants.

- report statistics after completion of the program.

- market your own program according to the resources you have.

In short: organizing a program during the Storytelling Festival is the same as for other public events, with the difference that you can count on a general marketing support and other coordination effects through the affiliation to the Storytelling Festival.

Checklist for submitting programs to the Storytelling Festival
Good facts to define before it is time to fill in the entry form:

1. time and place (venue and location)

2. title, preferably with an indication of what it is about, such as: Seminar with the author's name or the name of the performance. Ex: Storytelling café with Storyteller Sture.

3. Program description. Preferably with a short introduction and then more detailed information. Some editing of program texts can be done to adapt to the whole.

4. Participants: If not already clear from the above description.

5. ticket price or free admission.

6. Tickets (alternative registration): Where to buy or pre-book, or register (for conferences etc.) Include links to any online ticket sales.

7. catering: Are refreshments or food served? Is it included in the ticket price or is it for sale?

8. Start time and estimated end time.

9. organizer: organization/association that is the formal organizer.

10. public contact details if the organizer wishes (phone number/email/web address).

11. contact person at the organizer; name, telephone number, e-mail and also postal address (we sometimes send material on paper)

12. photos: if there are performance photos, press photos of participants or other. Indicate the photographer if available. NOTE! The images must be copyright-free for publication.

13. Other items of interest.

Good luck to you!

The purpose of the grant is to support public cultural events in as many different art forms as possible.The grant aims to stimulate an equal, equal and accessible cultural life throughout Skellefteå municipality.

The starting point for the standards is the national cultural policy objectives which state that:

Culture should be a dynamic, challenging and independent force based on freedom of expression. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in cultural life. Creativity, diversity and artistic quality should characterize the development of society.

Who can apply for the grant?
Grants can be applied for by any association, organization, group, individual or other cultural operator.

How and when does the organizer apply for the grant?
Applications should be made well in advance of the event. The application can be for a grant or a loss grant. The application must include a budget for the entire event. The grant can be applied for throughout the year and the application dates in 2024 are: March 24, May 5 (last application date before the summer), September 1 and October 6. Associations apply via the Interbook Go system https://ibgo.skelleftea.se/

For which costs can the organizer receive a grant?
Fees for artists/participants, travel costs for artists/participants (but not members of the organizing association, organization or group), sound/lighting costs, marketing costs and external venue rental for the event.

How much funding can the organizer get?
Depending on the application.

When is the grant paid?
After the event has taken place.

Other information
If the application is for less than 0.5 price base amounts, the decision is taken by an official. If the application is for a grant over 0.5, the decision is made by the Cultural Committee. In the application, the operator must consider safety, security and sustainability in the event.

Supporting galas or other events for charitable purposes, internal association activities, cultural activities that are part of their own education/research, arrangements in connection with meetings such as annual meetings, production and publication of literature, newspapers, magazines, CD or TV programs, consumables and administration are not granted grants

Here you can find more information and links to application forms and more "

Contact us for more information and questions about programs, communication etc:
Monica Lindgren, Producer
Theresa Eriksson, coordinator program for children

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